Reactor Watch Canada

Shop Online Here for Reactor Watches in Canada!

Unlike many Canadian websites selling U.S. products, you'll notice our Reactor Watch prices are the same as you'll find on U.S. websites except our prices are in CANADIAN CURRENCY. In other words a REACTOR WATCH THAT IS SELLING FOR $300 U.S. ON AN AMERICAN SITE IS SELLING FOR $300 CANADIAN HERE ON REACTOR WATCH CANADA. WITH THE CANADIAN DOLLAR TRADING AT .89 U.S. DOES IT MAKE SENSE TO PURCHASE FROM A U.S. SITE IN U.S. CURRENCY ? And remember, Reactor Watch Canada ships FREE from our Canadian location to any Canadian Province or Territory. There are no cross-border hassles, no customs or duty to pay. You pay the price on the watch plus the applicable tax rate for your province or territory and that's it.

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